Authorship is Out: What About Author Rank?

Now that Google has dropped Google Authorship does this mean that Author Rank is gone as well?   Not yet, anyway. Google appears to be keeping the concept of Author Rank intact for the time being. Instead Google will be relying on other ways to determine the author of a story. They are relying on pre-Google Authorship cues.

Author Rank is simply a way for Google to determine the author of a story or content. If the author is deemed trustworthy, it may help boost search ranking. This is also a way for Google to identify subject matter experts, which could have a larger role if the Knowledge Vault ever moves from theory to product development. For now, Author Rank is only germane to the in-depth articles section.

Google Authorship provided certain cues to help determine Author Rank. Now that Google is ignoring Authorship, bylines suddenly become much more important and may be the primary alternative way to tell Google who the author is.

As always, if you are going to put your name on it, make sure the content is something that makes you proud no matter what Google does with it.  You can find more information about searching on Google or keep up with the latest SEO trends on our website.