Avoid Being Bashtagged

The Internet is instant and can be brutal at times. As marketers you can get rapid feedback on promotions especially in the social media sphere. Epic success and epic failure go viral instantly and can have a significant impact on your business both positively and negatively. Your mom was right when she told you that all you really have in life is your reputation. Take good care of it and it will take good care of you. This has never been truer in today’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram happy world.

The relative anonymity of the Internet has made people much more willing to go negative in a big way. Take bashtags for example. This the downside of hashtags. Urban Dictionary defines bashtags as “The act of using the category listing device on twitter for the darker purpose of insulting or bashing someone. Can also be used as an insult towards people who intentionally use hashing on Facebook when it serves no actual purpose.”

Using hashtags as part of your social media marketing can be a very effective way to track the conversation. Just be aware they can turn against you as well. Focus on your followers rather than your company and you will do well. Insincerity is very obvious to the social media world and you will be punished for it.  Knowing about bashtagging and other tools will help you make the most of your SEO efforts.

To avoid getting bashtagged, realize your fans are most likely interested and familiar with your products and services. Instead of focusing on product promotion, offer them something new that ties back into what you do. Make it personal and about people rather than product. Join the conversation. They want to hear from you. Plus, you need to respond to those who are negative to try and solve the problem right away. According to Nielsen.com, 47% of social media users turn to these websites for customer service. Zappos.com makes it a point to try and respond to customer service issues aired on social media within an hour.

Give your followers what they want: monitor your accounts to see which posts are more popular, and implement that kind of content.

Taking care of your reputation also has significant ramifications for how you rank among the search engines. What hurts your standing with customers hurts your standing with the search engines.