Backlink Authority is Not Everlasting

Periodically the SEO Trade Publication headlines light up with tales of woe caused by the latest algorithm update and the impact it has on website ranking. Some are winners, and are some losers. The constant changing nature of the Internet and the search algorithms is a great source of consternation among SEO pros and webmasters alike. But keeping up with the changes is a fact of life and a cost of doing business today.

The quality and source of backlinks has been a hot button issue thanks to the Penguin and Panda updates. Links deemed to be spam cause penalties and a corresponding drop in rank. Conversely, natural, contextual links have become all the rage.

Funny thing about backlinks is that they too are not a get it and forget it solution. These need to be managed very closely. Let’s say you have a backlink from a site that was once considered an authority, but was penalized by Google due to an algorithm update. That backlink is no longer a quality link and may hurt you by association. You will want to remove that link to avoid any negative impact.

You may have a link from a website that was flying high and for no nefarious reason has lost its luster. Is that link still as valuable? Probably not.

And, links, like content can get stale. If you went out and cultivated a crop of high quality backlinks a couple of years ago and the moved on to other issues, Google may not view them as having the same value. They want to see active and fresh backlink development along with fresh high quality content to demonstrate an ongoing relevance. With Google, it’s what have you done for me lately.

So sorry to say, you backlink building job will never be done. It’s best to build it into your regular activity to keep the links relevant, fresh and proper according to the latest algorithm.