Beware of SEO Silos

Sometimes in business we focus so much on one thing that we lose sight of the big picture, or we forget to make sure it all works together to meet the business goals. SEO plays a very important role in business success today. However, SEO alone is not the end all to be all. SEO needs to flow through and from all parts of the business into a cohesive strategy that will lift the entire company.

Marketing, sales, strategic planning, design, even accounting all integrate and interact with the company’s website in some way or other. Any SEO decision should consider the impacts on these areas. Conversely, any strategic business decision in these areas has an impact on SEO.

It becomes too easy to get myopic when creating and managing an SEO strategy. Monitor yourself and make sure you are always asking for input and involvement from all areas of the company no matter how big or small.

Let’s say you have a big sales push coming up in the third quarter. When will the marketing start to support that push? Would it help to increase your web visibility via SEO for specific keywords ahead of the marketing push to support those efforts? Do you have enough of the right content on the website for Google to see you as relevant on key topics? What are you blogging about right now?

Answers to all these questions are stronger and more robust when the entire group is involved from the beginning. It is too late to come to your SEO team and say we have a big sales effort happening next month, what can you do to help us? At that point it is likely too late to do much.

What about seasonality in the business? How can SEO be utilized to maximize sales during your high times and boost sales through the troughs? Maybe there is something that marketing and SEO can do together to smooth seasonality.

The point is that SEO is an ingredient in the mix. If it operates alone in a silo, there are many opportunities you miss out on to improve overall performance by working together.