Broken Links Bad for Business

Broken links can cause damage to your online business and reputation. They are usually caused when a web page or blog post is deleted or the URL is changed for a page or blog post that has been indexed by the search engines, bookmarked or linked to via social media. These deletions or changes cause a broken link to be left in its place. These broken links can have a negative impact on your website usability, reputation and ranking with the search engines.

Think about it. Broken links make us frustrated as users. If we find enough broken links, we begin doubt the value of the website. Broken links also make it very difficult to complete a purchase and can reduce your website conversion rates and cause people to give up and buy elsewhere the next time.

Search engines have the same reaction. Google and the rest strive to return the most relevant and useful information based on a search query. If your site returns broken links, the search engines will rank you lower on the results page.

An SEO expert can help you determine when and if hyperlinks are dead, and where they are located in your HTML code. Problem detection tools are available to analyze the content of entire sites in order to make sure that everything is working as it should be.

Avoid broken links and you will make both your customers and the search engines happy.