Content Scrapers Can Steal Your Thunder

There are those out there who would rather just grab the great content you have created and use it to help their own site rank than write their own. These people are referred to as scrapers. They are also intellectual property thieves as any original content is automatically protected by copyright. Well written relevant content is manna to Google and consequently your search rankings. So you want to try and protect your original content as much as possible.

The reason you need to pay attention to scrapers goes beyond being angry they took and used you content without permission. Scrapers can damage your search engine rankings while helping the offender improve their rankings. This hardly seems fair and it’s not. Google agrees.

Google’s Matt Cutts sent out a tweet asking people to report anyone that is found to have scraped your content and is using it to rank higher than you in the search results. There is not much Google can do at the moment, but at least they are gathering data. Perhaps something will come of it.

Monitoring your content can be automated. One simple way is to set up a Google Alert for specific keywords or specific phrases that you often use. You will be notified every time the keyword or phrase is used.

An experienced search engine operations expert can help develop strategies to make it more difficult for your content to get scrapped. Knowing what is happening with SEO can help you stay ahead of any problems.