All This Data and Now What?

So you have been diligent about watching and tracking information about your website. You have a good idea of the number of visitors to your website, bounce rates, where they came from, what keywords are drawing better than others, even seasonality. You may have even have tracked how people utilize your website with a heat mapping tool. Now what?

There are infinite amounts of data that we can and should collect about the how people come to our sites and what they do once they get there. But it can be easy to get information overload and become sort of paralyzed by the data. It can be difficult to make sense of it all and have confidence on what direction to take and how to move forward.

A strategic minded SEO can help you analyze the information and make certain observations and recommendations based on the data. A clear path is not always evident right away. It is quite normal to have several options and ways to improve the performance of your website from a usability and search ranking stand point.

Ultimately it will be your target customers who will make the right path clear. Classic A/B testing is an effective way to find out what your customers prefer. Let’s say you are trying to determine the best way to get people to fill out a form on your website. Create two different versions and then test one against the other to see what has the highest conversion.

It is important to make significant changes one at a time or it will be nearly impossible to determine which change lead to improved results.

Making improvements to your website is a constant evolution and has no end. All the tracking and data gathering you have put in place will be invaluable to determine any positive impact you may be creating by the changes you are making. So keep gathering, make significant changes one at a time and test, test, test.  Be sure to visit our blog for more best practices suggestions.