Early Adopter CEOs Abandon Desktop, Go 100% Mobile

Could it be that we are seeing the beginning of the executive suite abandoning the desktop for a move to mobile? Early adopter CEOs are starting to give up their desktop and move to mobile devices to run their companies.

The Wall Street Journal’s CIO Journal reports that “as mobile devices get faster and add new capabilities, the chained-to-your desk personal computer may begin to fade.”   This is happening at the top management levels in part because they have the authority to make this change, but more practically they really don’t need a desktop. They can view documents just as easily on a mobile device as they can on a desktop. CEOs are often not the ones creating a document, which is still a bit clunky in a mobile environment. Additionally, CEOs often travel, and having your entire office on your mobile device makes working from the road that much easier eliminating the need to try and keep everything in sync on multiple platforms and devices.

The industry is starting to see the impact of mobile. According to The Wall Street Journal, in July, Gartner projected that in the traditional PC market the number of units shipped for both desktops and laptops was on pace to shrink 6.7% this year and another 5.3% in 2015.

Americans spend a great deal of time surfing the web for personal reasons while at work. When the CEOs start shifting, it is only a matter of time when that starts to flow down the ranks. So the surfing time will likely shift to mobile as well.

SEO for mobile continues to show itself as the future. The CEO shift may be adding to the evidence that Google is paying attention too when it looks to add mobile-friendly as a significant ranking factor. Make sure you are paying very close attention to your mobile optimization.