If Fast is Good Faster is Better

How long will you wait for a website to load before you start to get frustrated and consider moving on to the next option? Not long. Humans have an extremely short attention span and it is getting shorter thanks to improving technology. Try using your friend’s older smartphone and see how quickly you lose your patience. Interestingly, Google’s attention span is shrinking too.

The fact is, fast and optimized pages lead to higher visitor engagement, retention, and conversions. Fast loading websites score better with searchers and with Google, so make sure to monitor the load time on your desktop version AND your mobile version. Mobile load times are even more critical and have the challenge of operating in an environment that is slower to start with.

SEO experts have observed that most mobile users are only willing to wait 6 to 10 seconds before abandoning a page and moving on. That is not a lot of time. Sean Works at KISSmetrics reports that a one second delay in response time can equate to a seven percent drop in conversion.

Bottom line…time is money so pay attention to how long it takes your pages to load both on a desktop and in a mobile environment. There are many tools that can help you track page load speeds.