Google Getting Swamped with RTBF Requests?

Google has gotten a bit of bad press lately when it began to implement Right to Be Forgotten (RTBF) requests. In the process, links to a number of important news articles were incorrectly taken down, namely some Guardian newspaper articles. Many of these erroneous take-downs have been rectified.

Google’s Chief Legal Officer, David Drummond came out and responded to some of the criticism. He is citing the more than 70,000 take-down requests covering 250,000 webpages since May as being the primary reason for the mix up.

Google created an online form which individuals are required to fill out if they wish to have something taken down from the search results. Each form must be reviewed individually at this point making the process slow and onerous.   Adding to the problem is the subjective nature of the process which as we have seen can lead to debatable judgments and errors.

Microsoft is likely watching all of this very closely. It is in the middle of developing its own response to the RTBF ruling which allows members of the public to request removal of search results containing their name that they deem to be incorrect or hurtful. Microsoft’s actions will effect both Bing and Yahoo as Yahoo relies on the Bing search engine to power its search services.

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