What Does Google Suggest?

Google Suggest is the auto complete function in a Google search query. You probably use it many times a day and don’t even give it a second thought. But maybe you should.

Google has a different algorithm to determine what suggestions are made. But it shares some similarity to its regular search algorithm.

Google Auto FillGoogle Suggest is influenced by search volume and search location. If many people from many different locations type in a search term, Google takes notice. Fresh and frequent content on these high volume topics also helps your chance of being suggested. Your social media influence and following also plays a role in determining what Google Suggests includes.

So if a keyword phrase like Colorado Springs SEO is searched for many times from many unique locations and its talked about in news, blogs, social media posts and other fresh content, it will probably start showing up in Google Suggest.

One other thing…It is important to see what comes up on topics that are significant or relevant to your business. You might find that some negative ratings show up. Then you’ll know it’s time to do some reputation management and work to generate more positive reviews.

The good news is that your normal branding and SEO efforts can also have a positive impact on your opportunity to appear in the Google Suggest options.