Great Headlines Drive Conversion

All the best content in the world is no good unless you can entice a reader to read the story. In fact, only two out of ten people will read beyond the headline. So your headlines have to be good or you are losing 80% of your potential audience right off the bat. That means less time spent on your site and less opportunity to convert someone further down your conversion funnel.

The whole point of writing content is to get the reader to keep reading until they get to the call to action and then hopefully do something. The first step in the process is creating a compelling and attention grabbing headline. This does not mean you want to get sensational and be untruthful. Instead be truthful but exciting and appeal to the reader on some level. Know your audience’s pain points. What’s keeping them up at night? What are they having trouble with that your product or service can solve. Use that information to write a great headline.

  • Remember the acronym KISS (keep it simple stupid). That really applies to headlines. You are better off being clear than being cleaver. If your reader has to think about it, you’ve lost them. “SEO Strategies That Drive Results
  • Great headlines offer the promise of something that will help or tell you how to do something. “Quick Solutions to Fix Your SEO Problems”, “How to Hire a Great SEO”
  • Active selling words give headlines punch. Words like Free, Secret, Results, and Quick grab attention.
  • Say what you mean to say. Does your headline match the story? Be sure, or it can be frustrating to the reader and feel like you are trying to dupe them.
  • Ask a question. Just make sure it is one that most of your target readers will be asking.   If the answer is no, they tend to move on. “Looking for the Right SEO Expert?”