Hiring a Highly-Effective SEO

A great SEO is a unique individual. It is someone who has the ability to think from both sides of their brain at the same time. A creative marketing mind with the ability to analyze and program as well. This is not always an easy combination to recognize and hire. So when you are looking for an SEO expert look deep and ask the tough questions. If not, you will end up with an OK website, when you could have so much more.

SEO at its core is where programming meets marketing. Usually the marketing people ignore the programmers because they don’t understand what they are saying and the programmers think marketers are a bunch of nuts that ask for the moon and the stars with no understanding of how it gets done.

So what should you look for in a highly effective SEO?

How does the person think and approach the problem? Do they start with the customer and then move to the technical? Are they interested in identifying and solving the underlying problem or do they immediately look for the quick fix? Great SEOs see the big picture and take a longer term view. They are good at understanding what really needs to be done and then have the skills to figure out how to make it happen. Look for people with analytical minds.

If a computer is involved then there is coding. SEO is no different. A strong foundation in HTML coding is a must in SEO. HTML is still at the foundation of building a great website. It is an extra bonus if your SEO understands PHP and JavaScript. Bottom line, you want an SEO expert who can code. Have them show you.

Having a working understanding of the entire ecosystem is also a plus. Look for an SEO expert that has more than just a passing knowledge of web hosting and server configuration. They don’t need to be experts, but they will be dealing with others who are experts in those areas and it helps to be able to have a common understanding and language. Remember a great SEO has a big picture view of things.

Whether you hire in-house or outsource to an SEO firm, invest the time to find the right one. It will have a huge impact on the ROI of your site.  You can find more useful information about having the best SEO you can through the Pikes Peak SEO blog.