Importance of Research in Writing Great Content

The Internet puts a tremendous amount of information and opinion right at our finger tips on just about any subject you can imagine. This is a very powerful tool when it comes to researching for content. However, we can rely too much on the Internet and not enough on our own sleuthing and inquiry when researching a story.

First of all if it exists on the Internet, then someone else wrote the story and gathered the information. It may be old and out of date, it may represent a different view point from the mainstream, and often it is simply wrong. And secondly, it lacks your specific customer’s perspective.

This doesn’t mean we should avoid the Internet as a research source. It means we should expand our sources beyond the Internet if possible. The best stories have a personal angle. One to which your customers and target market can relate. This may mean picking up the phone and calling and talking to actual people, maybe even your customers to see how the subject matter is impacting their business or their daily life. When you weave this type of information into a story, it becomes much richer and much more meaningful for the audience.

Google has placed an even higher value on content in its search algorithm. So as you are taking your SEO’s advice and starting a blog or adding more content to your website, remember that research both on and off the Internet will make the story even better. That is after all the point of writing it in the first place.  You can use these SEO posts as examples of content.