Industry Still Getting Arms Around Pigeon Shock

Google really has shaken up the local search results world with its recent Pigeon update. The update was quietly and unexpectedly dropped onto the SEO world and the ripple effects are still being felt. We have reported, as have many SEO blogs and trade publications, that the immediate impact of Pigeon has been a significant change in the local search results page.

The algorithm change appears to be more about adjusting the local search results page and less a negative change to punish wrong doers. The existing 7 pack for local results has been replaced by a three pack, or even no pack. Google seems to be playing around a bit to see what works best in their mind. It has also given more standing to some directory sites like Yelp, while dropping individual sites down the list for reasons that are not clear.

Pigeon impacts are still being felt and changes occur on a daily basis.   This one will take some time to sort out. Best thing to do is work closely with your SEO to understand what is happening to your specific site and develop a targeted strategy adjustment moving forward.  We will post on new updates from Google and more as they become available. You can view more information about the way other factors effect search results besides Pigeon.