Is the Internet Poised for Radical Change?

European authorities continue to chip away at Google, and people can now have information removed from the internet that they don’t like. The proliferation of apps is fundamentally changing the way the Internet functions and can ultimately have a significant impact on its structure. And, the specter of the U.S. giving up control over the Internet coupled with the “net neutrality” fight leave many unanswered questions. What will the future Worldwide Web look like?

Search engine optimization depends on standards, rules and protocols established by search engines which are affected and ruled by the way in which the Internet functions. Let’s say the Europeans get their way and Google is significantly weakened on the Continent. And, the Internet is now governed by a world committee (The Internet United Nations) including countries like China and Russia, who think nothing of censoring information. Plus, mobile applications have broken up the normal flow information and sharing of computing power into little islands of data housed on your smartphone. What does the Internet look like then and how does it impact SEO?

No one can know for sure. The Internet has always been an ever evolving being where the only constant is constant change. The potential for change coming down the pike is significant and may radically shift the way the Internet functions, how we interact with it and how the search engines manage it.

Perhaps this is all crazy and nothing will happen, but what if it does?  You can find the latest info on the Pikes Peak SEO blog.