Keywords Are Still Key

Google is continuing its quest to provide just the most relevant information searchers are trying to find for the specific keywords entered and the intent behind those keywords.

For example, if you entered Colorado Springs SEO consultant into Google.  It is reasonable to expect that you are looking for help finding a consultant who specializes in SEO and is located in the Colorado Springs market.

The way Google determines what should appear on the search results page is by reading the information on websites, PDF documents, combing social media sites, blogs etc. to find the most relevant content to the keywords you entered and the intent behind them.  That means in order for your content and website to show up in the results you need to offer content and information relevant to that keyword phrase.   And the more relevant Google deems the content, the higher up in the search results it will appear.

This is often referredSEO optimized red stamp to as keyword driven or optimized content.  So if you determine that Colorado Springs Search Engine Optimization Services is an important keyword phrase for your business then it will be very important to make sure your website reflects that specific keyword phrase and also has information pertaining to that topic.