Know Your Search Competition

Your competitors in business may not be your competitors in Internet search. In business you are competing for the same customers. In search engine optimization, you’re competing to get at the top of search results page. Often times, you have competitors you never would have considered.

The biggest area where companies compete for search results is in keywords. Who can be king of the hill and rank at the top of the search results page for specific phrases? That is the name of the game. Companies that rank at the top of the search results page get more business. It’s as simple as that.

We’re talking about keyword competition. This is a measurement of how hard it is to rank at the top for a particular keyword or phrase. Competition will vary based on the popularity of certain keywords and how competitive the industry is. As you might imagine, SEO is a highly competitive industry making competition for any common keyword related to SEO very challenging.

How do you identify your search competition?

The first step is often as simple as knowing who currently ranks at the top for specific search terms. For example, type Colorado Springs SEO firms and see who shows up.

When it comes to picking keywords for your website, it is important to find words that have a high enough search volume to be worth your time but don’t have a lot of companies competing for that keyword phrase. A quick and dirty way to find how relevant a keyword phrase is do an “Allintitle” check. This will find web pages in Google that only contain all the keywords in their title. This is an indication that the website is trying to rank for that keyword and is a competitor. Type in “Allintitle:keyword phrase” and you will get a number. You can then type in the phrase as you normally would and see how many searches there are. Compare the two numbers — those with high number of searches vs. low Allintitles numbers are keyword gems.