Map Listing and the Coveted A-G Area

Ever notice when you do a search that a map shows up with businesses in a specific category noted on the map with a pin marker?  These are often referred to as the maps listings.  At Pikes Peak SEO we call this the A-G area due to the letters associated with those businesses that are listed.

This is a significant and highly coveted piece of real estate.  The A-G area shows up at the top of the search results page.  It’s a powerful place to be because the map has been shown to immediately draw the searcher’s eye.  Additionally, the A-G area provides an instant snapshot for ratings, contact information and access to the business’ Google+ page.

Being included in the map listing A-G area is especially important in service based professional industries such as business services, medicine, law, dental and HVAC.  Whether it’s repairing your furnace or getting your teeth cleaned, usually comes down 3 factors: price, convenience, and reputation. The maps listings showcase those three key things.maplistingexample_04172014

Not all searches, even in the same industry will display maps listings.  “Dentist Colorado Springs”, for example, will show the search results, where as “Dentist in Colorado springs” shows only organic results.

Showing up with a maps listing takes a deliberate optimization effort not unlike search engine optimization.  However, the factors that influence the ranking of these results come from a different algorithm than what influence straight organic results.  It’s a blend of the profile and on-site optimization crafted in a way to appear more tangible, and therefore worthy of display in the local maps or A-G section.