Much Ado About Nothing

Google just announced that it will be giving a slight ranking boost to sites with an SSL certificate. The SEO world seems to be greeting this news with a bit of skepticism. The upshot of the announcement is that Google has determined that secure sites are better sites. For right now, Google considers this a “lightweight” boost but has not ruled out the possibility of strengthening this as a ranking signal at some point in the future.

If you are planning to add an SSL 2048-bit key certificate to your site for other reasons, then this is just one more benefit you will receive. However, it may not make sense to drop everything and switch your site from HTTP to HTTPS. First of all there are other areas of search engine optimization that are much more important and that will have a greater impact on your ranking. Things like natural link building, continuing to generate relevant quality content, etc. Secondly, moving your site over requires a coordinated effort to make sure you don’t end up hurting your ranking due to the move.

The importance of porting your site to HTTPS for SEO purposes may change going forward. Here is just one more thing about Google to watch.