It’s Not Nice to Fool Father Google

For those of us who are disheartened and frustrated by Google’s constant updates to its search algorithm we can direct some those feelings toward the knuckleheads to insist on trying to game the system and engage in “black hat” SEO tactics. This behavior has leaked over into the social media world now.

The term black hat is as it sounds, means bad behavior, just like the bad guys wore black hats in old westerns and the good guys wore white hats. White hat SEO is doing the right things, good behavior.

Unfortunately, black hat social media can impact both your business and potentially your search ranking. The most troubling black hat activity is writing fake negative reviews and posting them. It can be very difficult to know if a review is real or not and more times than not these reviews show up alongside the real ones. Consumers place a great deal of value on reviews, so a negative one that you don’t deserve can really hurt.  You can learn more about how important reviews are and more on the Pikes Peak SEO blog.

Other black hat social media tactics that are showing up are buying fake likes, +1s and Youtube subscribers from click farms.

Social media works and can have a positive impact on your search rankings when people are true and sincere. The small percent of those who want to game the system for their own gain muck it up for the rest of us.