Why Optimize Content?

If you think about it the Internet is really just an enormous warehouse of information or content. There is so much information that it would be impossible to find what you need without some help and organization. That is where the search engines come in. They help searchers find the information or content they are looking for and some they might not realize they are seeking.

But it is all about relevant content. We’re talking about content in the larger sense. Think beyond your home page or about us page. Videos, social media posts, blogs, photos, white papers, case studies, surveys, interactive presentations are all content. Advertising is even content.

The best way to be found in the vast sea of information on the Internet is to help the search engines see and understand your website and its content. This is accomplished through optimization.

The process of matching content with the searchers intent begins with the keyword phrase entered into a search engine, such as ‘SEO firms in Colorado Springs’. Consequently, it is critical that you identify what keywords your customers are likely to search on. Optimization begins by creating content that includes these keywords so your site can be deemed relevant. It is important to write content for several keyword phrases so you can be deemed relevant to a wide variety of search queries and improve your chance of ranking high on the search results page.

Fresh content is important as well. New information triggers the search engines to frequently crawl your site which can give it additional weight. Blogs and social media are a great way to naturally and quickly keep your content fresh and new.

Search engines want to provide the best possible information to searchers. So it’s not nice to try and fool Google or Bing. It is always best to create content that users actually find useful rather than trying to trick the search engines. Well crafted content that is targeted to your audience and is easy to find will help build your brand and will help you rank well with search engines at the same time.