Page Rank Sculpting

Not all web pages are created equally and not all web pages need to be given the same attention. Some pages like your home page are very important and you want to do all you can to make sure it will rank high in the search engines. Other pages, such as a member log-in page are not as important.

Page_Sculpting_GraphicWeb sites contain precious energy (or Page Rank) that needs to be properly channeled to the most important pages of your web site. Page Rank flows freely from one page to another with inbound links to the page adding to page rank and outbound links ‘leaking’ it.  There are those who have given page sculpting a bad rap, calling it black hat SEO. That’s not really the case. In fact, it is a legitimate part of onsite SEO.

By properly structuring the links on your pages, you can influence how the Page Rank is distributed throughout your site. This process is called Page Rank Sculpting. Using proprietary technology, a good SEO is able to determine and create the perfect blue print to efficiently direct page rank to the most important pages on your web site. This will result in a higher Page Rank for the most important pages on your site.

Page sculpting is part science and part art. Working with an experienced SEO expert you can direct the Page Rank where you want it and avoid wasting that precious Google juice.