How SERP Design Changes Impact the Heat Map

There have been many changes to the design and layout of the Google SERPs. So it is not surprising that the way users look at the page may be changing as well. A recent Mediative eye-tracking or heat map study illustrates some of those changes and what it means for SEO and PPC advertising.

Some of the major changes to the Google SERP include: The Knowledge graph which provides answers to fact–based searches; the Carousel which is a strip of images at the top of the SERP with ratings most commonly used for restaurants; enhanced Local Listings where up to 7 listings are grouped together; and the look and feel of the organic and sponsored listings.

Overall the study found that sponsored links and PPC ads continue to gain visibility even with the changes. Gaining visibility into the Knowledge base via schema markup can help enhance organic search listings. If you are not optimizing for local you are missing out. And, right rail Adwords is not the best position.SERP_Heat_Map_Study_-_PPC_ads














The study also reinforced something we already knew. Being at the top of the organic search list is still paramount. According to the study, “Over half of the page clicks were won by areas of the SERP above the 4th Organic Listing.” You can keep up with SEO changes and trends through the Pikes Peak SEO blog.











Working with your SEO can make a huge difference in where you show up on the SERPs. We know that three quarters of page clicks were in the top four organic listing position. If you are not ranking well you are missing out on a tremendous opportunity.