Social Bookmarking Can Provide Indirect Boost to Ranking

Generating quality relevant content on your website has become critical to attracting and engaging your target market and ranking well with the search engines. But how can you further leverage all that great content you are generating beyond the pages of your website? One way is to promote the content through social bookmarking.

Social bookmarks are links that people post to social websites for others to see because they find the information interesting, valuable or cool. Bookmarks are passed on to anyone and everyone so they have the potential to reach a very wide audience and generate a great deal of traffic.

At its best, social bookmarking is an off-site indirect way to market your content and generate awareness about your products and services. If enough people share the social bookmarks, this helps raise your relevance and credibility, which in turn helps increase your organic search ranking.

At its worst, it becomes spam and ends up hurting your reputation and potentially your ranking.

Think of social bookmarking sites as PR and communications channels that can extend your reach to a targeted audience who may not know about your website. The more relevant content you get out and the more referral traffic and mentions and links you get the more organic rankings will likely increase as an indirect result of the social bookmarks.

Top free social bookmarking sites include Twitter,,, and There are many more, of course.

To get started you need to register with the sites you are interested in targeting – limit the number as this can take a lot of time. Select the most engaging and interesting content that others will find interesting and valuable. Post your bookmarks in the appropriate groups using the right keywords and be sure to follow the rules of each site.