In Some Ways SEO is a Real Estate Game

When you think about it, SEO can be equated to a real estate game. There are very few spots on the first search results page and the top four organic spots get 76% of the organic clicks. That means all the similar businesses in your area are competing for precious real estate. To quote a well-known real estate mantra. SEO is all about location, location, location. You are either at the top or you are in no man’s land.

That is why you invest in SEO, whether in house or by outsourcing to an expert SEO firm. The recent round of algorithm changes by Google have made it even more challenging.

What were once thought of as good ideas are now absolute musts. You must have great content. You must be active in social media. You must get lots of great reviews. You must optimize for local search. You must pay attention to conversion rate optimization. Oh, and you must pick the right keyword phrases. This will help until the ground shifts again and Google, Bing and Yahoo come out with the next update.

This is why you pay for expert SEO help and advice. Simply having a website and expecting it to rank is naive– it won’t happen. You have to create an entire SEO ecosystem that is alert agile and willing to evolve with the search engines. That’s the cost of doing business in today’s highly connected world.