Looking for a Colorado Springs search engine optimization specialist?  Pikes Peak SEO is an Internet marketing firm offering Colorado Springs search engine optimization consulting services.

They have been helping small to medium size businesses improve positioning and ranking among search engines since 1996. In that time they have developed expert knowledge of how to beat the search engines at their own game. When you typed Colorado Springs search engine optimization into Google, Bing, Yahoo or some other engine you’ll notice that Pikes Peak SEO has top placement in the search results. This is no accident, but the product of deliberate actions. Pikes Peak SEO can help your business maximize its Colorado Springs search engine optimization activity and achieve the same results through their blueprint for success.

The Pikes Peak SEO blueprint for success is a step-by-step process designed to move your business up the rankings and maintain top positioning over time. This proven process includes:

  • Keyword Research, Identification and Recommendations
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Meta Tag and Code Optimization
  • Local Business Results
  • Optimizing Content
  • Site Sculpting
  • Site Map Installation
  • Installing Google Analytics
  • Video Optimization
  • Submitting Web Site to Search Engine Directories
  • Reporting and Trends Reporting
  • Ongoing Recommendations for Continued SEO Enhancement

The most important of all steps is the keyword research and identification. It all starts when a prospective customer sits down and types in a group of terms, or keywords into a search engine. If you can determine what they are going to type and understand how to go about owning that keyword phrase, you win. This is much tougher than it sounds. Pikes Peak SEO has developed proprietary software that helps them analyze potential keywords to determine the best fit for your business. This includes understanding each keyword’s volume, level of competition and overall relevance to your business.

Often, the phrases you’d expect to be popular are not the phrases used most by searchers. The Pikes Peak SEO expert analysis will help uncover which keyword phrases are actually being typed in by your prospective customers. They will help you find overlooked keyword phrases that have search engines queries, but few competitors vying for the same phrase. Oftentimes, the best keyword phrase is not the one with the highest amount of traffic, but the one with the lowest level of competition. Pike Peak SEO will recommend phrases that will gain your business the greatest traffic based both on search volume and competitiveness.

All other aspects of the Pikes Peak SEO blueprint for success flow from the keywords.
Let Pikes Peak SEO put their blueprint for success to work for you today.