Pay Per Click Services

Looking for a new way to help grow your business and generate more traffic, but don’t have a clue where to start? Here at Pikes Peak SEO we are now offering exclusive pay per click strategies. This online strategy is a great way to drive more traffic and business to your website. We incorporate a variety of action plans in order to make your PPC plan the best it can be.

We will incorporate custom ad copy to your site(s) to help retarget and remarket old and new users. Retargeting those users who have visited your website in the past, but weren’t really interested in sticking around is important. We can remind them frequently that your site is significant and that they should come back to you time and time again.colorado springs

Remarketing is a way for us to pull in new users interested in similar products or services correlating with your website. Someone who is really interested in baby clothes that always shops at the GAP may not know “The Cute Little Shop on the Corner” also sells baby clothes at better prices and better quality. We want those users to find you as well.

Along with retargeting and remarketing users, we incorporate strong keywords in our PPC campaigns to get more users to check you out. We also use analytics data and A/B split testing to ensure the ads we have created are working to your advantage and increasing your sites traffic and business. We want PPC to generate positive results for your website and we are here to do just that. Contact us today to see how a PPC campaign could benefit you!

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