• All This Data and Now What?

    November 24th, 2014

    So you have been diligent about watching and tracking information about your website. You have a good idea of the number of visitors to your website, bounce rates, where they came from, what keywords are drawing better than others, even seasonality. You may have even have tracked how people utilize your website with a heat mapping tool. Now what?

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  • Beacons and the Future of Search

    November 17th, 2014

    We are inching ever closer to the day when we walk down the street and highly personalized and specific messages and information are served up to our wearable device or some other public information technology. Google and Apple have both begun investing and testing what is being called the physical web. We have seen this idea in movies like Total Recall and The Minority Report. Scary or exciting depends on your perspective.

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  • Tracking and Monitoring Ranking KPIs

    November 10th, 2014

    In life change is inevitable. In the world of search engines and SEO, change is constant. As a marketer you have to be diligent, agile and always keep your knees bent for the next wave of change and what impact it will have on your website or sites. With all this change coming at you it can be difficult to know what the impact is and how to measure it.

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  • How SERP Design Changes Impact the Heat Map

    November 4th, 2014

    There have been many changes to the design and layout of the Google SERPs. So it is not surprising that the way users look at the page may be changing as well. A recent Mediative eye-tracking or heat map study illustrates some of those changes and what it means for SEO and PPC advertising.

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  • In Some Ways SEO is a Real Estate Game

    October 27th, 2014

    When you think about it, SEO can be equated to a real estate game. There are very few spots on the first search results page and the top four organic spots get 76% of the organic clicks. That means all the similar businesses in your area are competing for precious real estate.

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  • Understanding User Intent and Search

    October 20th, 2014

    Understating the intent behind a search query is the Holy Grail for Google right now. It is important to consider user intent in your own website as well. Knowing why a person is searching for information can help you be the one to provide it in the most relevant way. This helps your users and customers and will win big points with the search engines as well.

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  • Ranking High Requires Constant Feeding and Attention

    October 13th, 2014

    There are really two forces at play in determining where you rank with the search engines. The search engines making updates and adjustments to their algorithms and the Internet changing on its own. New sites come on line every day and every day we add or change the content on existing sites. The Internet is an amorphous being of information that ebbs and flows all on its own. When these two forces come together, you have constant change.

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  • Why Do We Share Content?

    October 6th, 2014

    We learned in kindergarten that it is good and important to share. That somehow sharing makes us a better person. Now with the mobile world and the fixation of sharing information or content, could it be we share for the same reason we learned in kindergarten?

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  • Link Building: Slow, Steady, and Targeted Wins the Race

    September 29th, 2014

    With all the talk about link building penalties being doled out by Google and the other search engines, it is easy to get the wrong impression. Contrary to the belief of some webmasters, Google does NOT hate links. Quite the opposite. Matt Cuts has gone on record saying that Google still values the right kind of links and that links remain one of the key ways Google determines site relevance and help boost your search ranking.

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  • Importance of Research in Writing Great Content

    September 22nd, 2014

    The Internet puts a tremendous amount of information and opinion right at our finger tips on just about any subject you can imagine. This is a very powerful tool when it comes to researching for content. However, we can rely too much on the Internet and not enough on our own sleuthing and inquiry when researching a story.

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