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SEO is all about being found in a massive web of competition. The if-you-build-it-they-will-come mentality has become a sure path to mediocrity and even bankruptcy. Fortunately, most business executives now understand the importance SEO plays in being successful. Today’s business challenge has become… How to employ an effective SEO strategy?

An effective SEO strategy will drive traffic to your web site, which are turned into leads and ultimately converted into paying customers. Positioning your company for maximum visibility among the top search engines is critical to driving traffic to your web site. Pikes Peak SEO is in the business of improving search engine visibility for small to medium sized companies worldwide. Their blueprint for success, a comprehensive step-by-step process, addresses the factors that will improve your search engine rankings.

It all starts with keywords.

Keyword analysis is THE most important step of search engine optimization. Using proprietary software, Pikes Peak SEO can determine the optimum keyword phrases for your business to target. They look at each keyword’s volume, level of competition and overall relevance to your business, to recommend the target keyword phrases for successful increases in web site traffic.

You will probably be surprised by the list. Often, the phrases you’d expect to be popular are not the phrases used most by searchers. Pikes Peak SEO will perform analysis to help uncover which keyword phrases are actually being typed into search engines by your prospective customers. They will help you identify overlooked keyword phrases that have search engines queries, but little competition from other businesses also trying to own the phrases. Sometimes, the best keyword phrase is the one with the least competition not with the highest amount of traffic.

Pikes Peak SEO specializes in identifying keywords and providing organic search engine optimization and internet marketing solutions to businesses worldwide. Contact them today.