Generate Some Keyword Buzz and Earn Inbound Links

These days a large part of SEO is generating natural backlinks. Thanks to Panda the definition of “good” backlinks has become significantly more restrictive. Get caught with “bad” or unnatural links and you will be penalized. One way to generate natural links is to create content around target keywords that creates some buzz and is shared often and across many platforms. But how can you know what keywords and what type of content will generate the desired buzz?

There are tools that can help you track what keywords are creating the most buzz, where they are being shared and who is doing the sharing. Buzzsumo is one such product. You can enter a keyword into their search box and Buzzsumo will return a list of the content pertaining to that keyword phrase that has been getting a lot of attention and garnering shares in the social media world.

Tools like Buzzsumo can help you find topics that gain buzz and engagement for the keywords for which you want to rank high. You can also gain some insight into the type of content that is getting attention. Is it product pages, blog posts, videos, infographics or a news story? Perhaps you want to know what social channels are talking about your keyword topic. You can use these types of tools to determine what social media type is most active on the topic and then dive deeper to see what type of content is getting shared there.

Buzzsumo_KeywordSearchBuzzsumo can also help you identify key influencers that you can reach out to and pitch story ideas on keyword topics that are important to your business.

Engaging content is still a critical piece of any SEO effort. You can find more of our content here. Expecting great content to magically be found in the sea of information may be a bit naïve. You have to market that content and create a buzz in order to really fire up the social media network and start generating those all-important natural backlinks.