Google Forms Panel to Try and Limit Right to Be Forgotten

In their ongoing effort to limit the Right to Be Forgotten decision to European Google sites, the company named an eight member committee to help guide it on implementing the EU court decision.

The EU is pushing to have Google implement the Right to Be Forgotten ruling globally. Google is pushing back and has only implemented the ruling on its European domains like and

The Wall Street Journal reports that the panel issued a report and that the majority of the Google-organized panel backed the company’s position that “Users outside Europe had interests in seeking information and restrictions may run up against laws in other countries.” Their findings, not surprisingly, run counter to a November report from a group representing the European Union’s 28 national privacy regulators which said, “Search engines should apply the right to be forgotten globally not just in Europe.”

Google’s efforts, deemed a PR stunt by EU officials, may serve to further exacerbate a tense situation.

The face-off of EU privacy advocates and US freedom of speech advocates could have far reaching consequences and may change how Google operates. It is not clear what the SEO ramifications will be, but anything that changes the way Google operates changes SEO.  You can keep up with all of those changes here.