Search Is Key Source of New Customer Acquisition

It can be frustrating to keep up with the constant changes to the search algorithms and the whims of the major search engines. You may be tempted to throw your hands in the air and surrender. Take heart. There is good reason to keep up the fight and stay in the game. Recent studies show just how important your organic search ranking is to acquiring new customers.

The National Retail Federation study found that in 2014 search marketing (SEO included) was the most effective source for new customer acquisition for 85% of online retailers. Organic search was the key starting point for 58% of leisure travelers and 64% of business travelers according to Kenshoo. BrightEdge released a study that shows organic search almost across the board, including 51% for B2B marketers, is the primary source.


Credit: BrightEdge

Keep an open dialog with your SEO experts both in-house and out to make sure you are gaining every marketing advantage you can and are leveraging your search ranking to the fullest.  It is important to stay up-to-date search algorithm changes that are happening  to take full advantage of them.