Tool to Help Track Local Search Results

Understanding how you rank locally is important especially given the significance Google and other search engines are placing on local search these days. This can be tough to do if you are not physically located in each area you are tracking as you are pulling the data. That is because searches done in different places yield different results. It has gotten even trickier now that Google localized down to the zip code. How does one check how you rank for non-location specific keywords in the geographic areas where you operate your business?

There is a tool that got quite a bit of buzz at a recent Search Engine Journal Think Tank Webinar. White Spark’s Local Rank Tracker lets you accurately track your rankings in any city across local pack, maps and organic listings.

According to White Spark, this product lets you track your Google and Bing local and organic rankings in each city to a depth of 50 results. Searches are geolocated to a specific city meaning that the results shown are the same as someone would see who is physically sitting at a computer in that city. This allows you to track rankings for keywords without a city modifier.

For example, you can track “SEOs” rather than “Colorado Springs SEOs”.

Tools like this help you understand how customers are finding you and where your competitors are beating you at a highly local level.  The Pikes Peak SEO Blog is a great place to find out about other tools to track your rankings.