Yahoo’s Share of Search Grew Again Thanks to Firefox Deal

The deal Yahoo struck to become the default search engine for Firefox has continued to pay dividends. StatCounter reports that the gains made in December have continued into January. Yahoo is reported to have earned 10.9 percent of the search market, the highest in more than five years.

This continued gain is significant because many were wondering if people would simply switch back to Google. That doesn’t seem to have happened. Google’s share for January dropped again to 74.8%. While they are clearly the Goliath to Yahoo’s David, this drop is significant because according to StatCounter this is the first time Google has dipped below 75% market share in the US since the company began reporting traffic data.

Bing has held steady after a modest gain in December. They remain at 12.4% market share.



Credit: StatCounter

Google has mounted a Switch Back campaign, but it doesn’t seem to have caught on yet.

StatCounter attributes all the gain to the Firefox deal and reports that when you take out the Firefox users, Yahoo’s share is flat. Too bad for Yahoo that Firefox has just 14% of the US Internet traffic, or the impact could be much greater.

So what does this mean for SEO? Google is still the big guy, but Yahoo and Bing still attract a good share of the market. So make sure you are optimizing for all the main search engines to strengthen your ranking across the board.  Stay up with the current information on Google, Yahoo, and Bing through the Pikes Peak SEO blog.