You’ve Been Warned by Google

Google appears to have taken the next step in its quest that all sites be mobile-friendly. The company recently has started to send warnings to users who have verified their site via Google Webmaster Tools when their site is not mobile-friendly.

Last year, the company announced it was adding a “mobile-friendly” indicator on the search results for sites they deem to be mobile-friendly. They also provided a way for you to see if your site meets their criteria.

When Google first launched its mobile-friendly site testing tool, they left it up to webmaster to self-test. Apparently they want to get a little more proactive. They have begun sending out emails to these sites when the test indicates non mobile-friendly. Emails are sent when Google detects an issue with how your site is displayed or how it functions in a mobile environment.  This warning also comes with the caveat that your site may not rank as well in mobile search results, and indicates which site and which pages have problems along with steps to fix them.

This warning can only mean one thing….Google is likely to make good on its indication that mobile-friendly would become a major ranking factor. Talk to your SEO about your site and what you need to do to earn the mobile-friendly tag and avoid losing your ranking.