SEO gets more social

Social media has graduated beyond your friends’ vacation photos and videos of cute cats.  Search engines are now crawling through posts on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Goole+.  As the search engines algorithms continue to adjust to all this new content, having a significant presence in the social media sphere can only improve your SEO results.

Social media as a business marketing tactic has been around for awhile.  However, there is even more reason to use social networks to demonstrate your business experience, share content with your customers and build customer lists.  Now it will also impact your company’s rankings with major search engines.

For example, link building has always been a way to help search engines determine that your website is a quality source of information.  If quality websites link to then that website is deemed to be of high quality as well.  Much in the same way, the more people share a link the more credible the content will be deemed by search engines.

So be sure to include compelling content on your website and share it with your customers via social media.  Think beyond today’s special and include information about your industry. If you own a tire store, create a post about the studs or no studs when it comes to safe winter driving in Colorado Springs and include a link to a video on your website.

Now’s the time to embrace social media to help boost your credibility with search engines.

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